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Kids' Web Classroom: Human Body Science

This section provides kid-appropriate sites that you might want to let your students explore on their own, or with your guidance.

Come to Your Senses
        Use the sidebar or click on Mr. Potato Head for a detailed tour through the five senses, complete with smart text and diagrams and "sense-sational" facts and links.

BrainPOP: Health
        Requiring both the Flash plug-in and sound, this site might be too intensive for some users. But if your computer and connection can manage it, this site is excellent. The Health section of BrainPOP offers dozens of kid-oriented animated movies about a huge spectrum of health topics like broken bones, cells, digestion, diabetes, drug abuse, genetics, and puberty, just to name a few. All of the movies were created directly in response to questions that kids asked.

Your Gross and Cool Body
        Who doesn't want to explore a site that explains burps, snot, zits, and eye gunk? This is a fun and educational site for kids of all ages. It also explores the body systems using kid-friendly explanations.

        This sophisticated ThinkQuest site created by students is geared towards students aged 11 through 16. Click on the Tour, and you'll be taken on an informative trip through the human body. There are also some quick and fun experiments that are worth a look.

Kids' Health
        This website is devoted to talking to kids about the health issues that matter to them, exploring everything from butterflies in the stomach and bug bites to conjunctivitis and chicken pox, as well as staying healthy, growing up, and safety. There's also a large section dedicated to feelings, including topics like dealing with divorce, shyness, and bullies.

Girl Power! Get Body Wise!
        As part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Girl Power! project, this section of the site is devoted to talking to girls about body image, eating right (including staying away from diets), fitness, eating disorders, and chronic illness or disability. Although the topics are weighty, the writing strikes the right tone of fun, manageable empowerment.

Kids Food CyberClub
        The Connecticut Association for Human Services created this site for kids to learn about nutrition through activities, quizzes, adding comments of their own, and reading about what other kids have to say. The site explores themes like the USDA food pyramid, making smart choices about food selection, hunger in the world, books, facts, and the Question of the Month. Teachers, be sure to look at the Teachers Guide section.

Smart Kids Health Zone
        Geared for students approaching middle school age, this site seeks to help kids learn about making nutritious food choices, with features that clarify nutrition facts labels and helps choose the most healthful selections at fast food restaurants.

Nutrition Cafe
        Created by the Pacific Science Center, the Nutrition Cafe offers educational nutrition based online activities for kids. Play a Jeopardy-style game called Grab-a-Grape, seek out the missing nutrient in the Hangman-style Nutrition Sleuth, and check out the food value of your meals at the Have-a-Bite Cafe.

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